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The Facebook Features that You May not be Familiar With

Are you aware that on the first quarter of 2019, Facebook had already gained 2.38 billion monthly active users? The US alone has 69 percent of adults who are into this social network platform too. Also, three-fourths of them would check on their accounts at least once daily. Because of this number, then you cannot deny the fact that Facebook is really becoming very popular because of the messaging, the gaming as well as video features that it is able to provide.

However, there can be hidden Facebook features which you may not have discovered yet. Well, it would be great that you are able to learn these things so that you can get a better Facebook experience. Many of them are for your security and privacy too.

There is that Facebook feature which is actually known as the Friends Organizer. Facebook already has such default friends list like Restricted, Acquaintances and Close Friends. However, you may also create such custom list that say Co-Workers or Family to help you in organizing the friends list better. Also, with the custom lists, then you can also put restrictions easily.

Also, you may not be really familiar with the Restricted Friends list. This is one Facebook feature that allows you to just let some people see your posts. For sure, there are times that you don’t want all of your friends to see all of those things you post on your wall. This is due to the fact that not all of the friend requests that you have accepted come from your real friends.

Another thing that you may not be so familiar with is the Previous Post finder. Perhaps, you were half-asleep when you actually posted something on Facebook. Or you may be too busy when someone tagged you in that post and you totally forgot about this. You may not be able to clearly remember the previous posts you’ve made. Now, you would like to find it amidst such sea of posts on the timeline.

There are also many Facebook users who are not aware of the Past Comments finder. Through this, you will get to read the previous comments you’ve made. You will have to go to Access Your Information page just below the Posts option and then click the Comments option that will make such clickable Comments link appear. By clicking this, then you will be directed to such page that contains all of the posted comments. You will also be able to find the comments of other people who also mentioned your name. This is surely a great method for reviewing your comments and also make those necessary edits. This may also help you refresh your memory in case you have actually forgotten to reply to someone.

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