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Here are Top Five Appliance Issues and How They Are Repaired

As dependable and durable as they come, household appliances break down occasionally and must be repaired. Below are some problems that arise in most household items and the solutions that technicians provide.

You may find your washing machine full of soapy water when you have to remove your washed clothes to put them in the dryer. This mean that your washing machine stalled during the cycle because it is faulty. The main problems that arise in washing machines is either a damaged lid or a door switch. Most washing machines function properly when the door sensor is not faulty however if the switch is faulty then the machine will not properly function. Door switch problems in washing machines arise from rough use when people tend to bang the lid after putting the load. The fix is by replacing the door switch.

To dry clothes a dryer requires heat. So if your dryer is not working properly this means that the thermal fuse is blown and the thermostat must be checked and the fuse replaced so that the dryer produces heat to dry the clothes.

Modern freezers from time to time finish defrost cycles such that homeowners do not have to keep defrosting their freezers every time. When the defrosting cycle is ongoing the melted water is channeled to the drain by the defrost drain. Water will leak to the lower compartment in case the defrost drain is blocked with debris and food. This melted water ends up forming ice on the floor of the freezer. A freezer technician should replace and clean the defrost drain.

An agitator is used in many washing machines to spin, swish and swirl clothes when washing them. A washing machine will not work properly if the agitator is not moving. It could be stalled and will only produce noise in its struggle to function. There are homeowners who think the machine is broken beyond repair and end up buying a new unit. This is wrong because repairing this component is a fraction of the price of a new unit. The solution would be to replace the motor coupling.

There are times when your dishwasher just goes on and does not work. The problem could be the switch float which is the part used to control water going into the machine. A float switch makes sure the unit is properly operating. This float switch could have been jammed either a fork or knife since it can only be accessed from inside the unit. The solution would be to always ensure it is locked such that water does not run into the machine.

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