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What are the Benefits of a Secure Messaging App in Healthcare

In today’s healthcare environment, there is no longer the use of old and poor communication methods. There has been a significant rise in hospitals and insurance providers making good use of secure messaging apps for all internal needs. We have one of the best secure messaging apps that have been modeled with simplicity to achieve the messaging solutions of any healthcare facility. These applications are also modeled to be HIPAA compliant. As such, the staff can share crucial information about all patients without risking the loss of data. If you are a hospital owner, it is prudent to make sure that you have switched to using a secure messaging app. This is one of the ways in which your organization can grow efficiently and suit all the needs of your patients. Now that you have many patients that need your healthcare services, you can’t afford to lag in communication since you can delay the hospital processes. When you decide to use a secure messaging app, you will be sure that your health care facility will run effectively and be able to achieve many tangible advantages. Why do you decide to use a secure messaging app in healthcare? Read on to have a good understanding.

You will be assured of total compliance when you use a secure messaging app in healthcare. You need to know that recently, the HIPAA mandates were revised to include the utilization of instant messaging technology. Those medical facilities and other healthcare bodies that don’t embrace this could face a fine of $50,000 for a single infraction and pay up to $1.5 million for repeating the violations. It is therefore important to make sure that you have considered using a secure messaging app in your healthcare facility now that such messaging apps are built with HIPAA compliance. As such, your organization will abide by government sanctions, helping you to save your organization from hefty non-compliance fees.

You will also be assured of increased productivity when you decide to use a secure messaging app. There is no way you can share the information of your patients with efficiency when depending on slow-working computers and pagers. When you decide to make use of secure instant messaging software, you will be sure that doctors, nurses, and office workers in your healthcare facility will be able to share important information like the X-rays, medications chart, and any other patient information. To add to this, deciding to use a secure messaging app in your facility means that you have already looked for the best solutions that utilize high-grade encryption that will safely protect all your hospital’s health information during transmission.

Cost efficiency is the other reason why health facilities should use a secure messaging app. Making sure that you have outfitted your organization with specific computers can be quite expensive. When you decide on implementing a secure messaging app, your workers can easily download the software to their mobile phones. This is so because these secure messaging apps are compatible with iOS and android operating systems.

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