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How to Find the Best Soil Remediation Services

Today, many businesses are facing strict environmental laws from a complex web. This involves the federal, state, and local government bodies. Because of this, a business owner should ensure that they are optimally supported by their environmental remediation services provider. When you have the right service provider, it will help you to cost-efficiently and quickly complete your developmental projects and also maximize revenue and profit margins. If you want to improve your odds of getting the best environmental remediation service, the following are important tips.

Geographic Reach and Location

Although the geographic reach and location of the service provider look like an obvious thing, its importance cannot be overstated. When your service provider’s locality is close to your premises, it means you will get expedited services when you require them. In addition to this, in-person meetings are very important throughout projects. This is because they normally bring out nuanced details about the project. They also help in developing site-specific details which can make a difference between failure and success.

Experience, Education and Licensure

Staff education and experience are a great impact on all the stages of an environmental remediation project. Hence, you should search for a company that has qualified hydrologists, geologists, and OSHA-certified technicians. Moreover, these professionals should have vast experience in the field. The reason behind this is that the learning curve in environmental remediation services is long. It is also crucial to consider the basic licensing requirements. These include a bachelor’s degree in chemical natural or physical science or a degree in engineering from an accredited learning institution, a board-approved course, and at least eight years experience.

Quality and Responsiveness

If you can get quality environmental remediation service, it will make a big difference towards your success. That is why you need to do your due diligence on the reference customers a potential environmental remediation service provider offers you. You should go beyond the references and check on any failed project information on your own. On the other hand, the company’s level of responsiveness will always become evident if you explore their posturing towards your business and the service timing guarantees they provide. Check whether they promote emergency services and if they are able to assign you with a dedicated person who is qualified and quick to return your communication.

Breadth of Services

When considering the breadth of services to be offered by the environmental remediation service, you should consider four phases of the remediation process. These include site assessment, investigation, remedial investigation, and action. The company you chose should have vast experience to implement the scientific, regulatory, and technical portions of each phase. Therefore, before hiring any environmental remediation service, ask yourself if the company can investigate, design and implement in order to succeed.


Environmental remediation projects usually last long and normally cost more than you would plan them to. Subject to pre-project assurances by your business and the level of damages and injury caused by the environment, you may lose millions of unanticipated liability. Hence, it is crucial that your service provider has adequate insurance coverage so as to protect your investment.

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